I Love My Family

There's nothing simpler but more profound that this unconditional and fulfilling love of family. They ground me, they are God's greatest blessing in my life, and they are what He has given to anchor me.

I've always held fast to the truth that His timing is perfect, and that He holds all things together (Col 1:17) - it is the reason why things happen, when they happen, and for a reason.

And so I do not doubt even for a second that He knew I would need them at this time, to center myself again and emerge from my 'shut down' mode to cope with all that is happening.

Just a few stolen hours here and there, and life is right again. Parting was difficult (and always will be), I teared when you left....but I know that makes our time together more meaningful and richer. And I love and appreciate you more than ever before.

I know that not all families function this way, and that's why I'm all the more thankful to God for this portion in our lives and for His grace toward us as a family.

Love you all so much <3>

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Hwee Mei said...

We love you too! <3